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We believe that nature alone has the power to heal nature. Thus, our products ingredients contain organic and plant extracts making them environment friendly. This also ensures that humans who end up managing them also don’t have to tackle health hazards. To add on the herbal extracts are effective in all stages of the life cycle of the pest. They are effective in controlling broad spectrum of viral, fungal and bacterial infection, aiding in quick recovery of the plants from infections.

Our products are one of its kinds and what sets them apart is their uncompromised quality at affordable rates.
banner Disease Control
Our products are naturally enabled to control virus, fungus and bacteria that might cause major damage to the crops. The products are completely organic, environment friendly and are backed with intense research.
Virus Control
Fungus Control
Bacteria Control
banner Insect and Pest Control
Since the target kill is on the component of the skin a pest/microbe possess which higher species doesn’t the products are100% safe on human life, animal life, aquatic life and the overall nature. Say NO to toxics and choose to go eco-friendly that strives to protect Mother Earth. The residual efficacy of the products is optimised for the life cycle of the pests.
Mites and Thrips Control
DBM and BPH Control
Flying Insects and Larvae Control
Nematode Control
banner Growth Promoter
The major characteristics of the products are preventive, curative, recovery, immunity boosting, growth, pH balance and soil conditioning. This ensures that the growth of the plants is done in the most optimal manner without causing damage to the fertility of the soil.
Growth Promoter
Immunity Booster and Growth Promoter
Growth Promoter (OSA)
banner Fertilizers
The products make sure that the time for total control –24 to 48 hrs – safe protection instead of a dangerous instantaneous kill. They also improve and sustain the growth of the plant post eradicating infestation where the pests don’t reoccur during the lifespan of the plants.
banner Water Purifiers
We also have water purifiers that reduce the hardness of water making it usable on plants. This does not carry toxic chemicals or salt content and also helps in saving water without wasting any. Our products the good minerals are retained and only the impurities are sorted
Our Products
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