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Welcome to Kushi Crop Care. Our pledge is to protect nature using nature. We combine rigorous research with advanced technologies to offer solutions that make an impact in the agro industry. Recognising the adverse effects of the chemicals used on plants and the humans handling them, we have come up with a range of natural products that replaces the chemicals. The products are created from plant extracts that ensure that avoid any kind of further damage to nature.

Our enhanced water soluble emulsion technology has enabled us to derive products that maintain soil health and nutrition. The products are cost-effective and it gives us immense sense of pride to state that they are first of their kind.

At Kushi Crop Care, you can expect world-class range of products which is safe and extremely efficient.

Since the target kill is on the component of the skin a pest / microbe possess which higher species doesn’t the products are 100% safe on human life, animal life, aquatic life and the overall nature. Say NO to toxics and choose to go eco-friendly that strives to protect Mother Earth. Come join us in this green revolution.

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